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Our Test Service Offerings

At Zeus, we believe that quality make everything stand-out from the rest. Its even more important when we have something that many will use - be it a mobile app or an e-commerce site.
Our team of experienced and competent resources are skilled and qualified to do just that - identify issues and get it fixed before customers experience a not-so-good online journey.
Our testing services covers both Functional and Non-Functional resourcing and Test service Management with one or more ways of operation.
With our extensive network and database of skilled and qualified test experts, we can have resources placed at the Company's offices, offshore (primarily in India) or even a hybrid model where we can have a mix of onshore and offshore resources to meet your demands.

Services we offer

We are a dedicated Testing and QA Consultancy that aims to deliver high
quality Software Testing solutions

Staff Augmentation

Engage a whole new team of talented software test engineers or augment your team with additional test experts in the chosen technologies.


Our consulting approach is to identify the gaps between business processes and IT solutions. Our extensive industry experience helps us to convert digital transformation ideas to min- projects to ensure incremental deliverables.

Managed Testing Services

Zeus offers a variety of managed testing solutions which empowers organisations to achieve better RoI across each of the testing phase of functional and non-functional testing

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